Five Types Of Girls You Should Avoid In School

As a potential university undergraduate, you must be excited to get into college for various reasons which includes flirting with the most pretty and beautiful girls out there.

Mind you, that joy could come to a dreadful end if you get it all wrong. I will advice all the guys that are so excited about this to be very careful when making the choice of girls the associate with.

There girls who could destroy all the dreams or goals you have in life and there are ones who can help you achieve your targets in life. It’s all the matter of choice and decision making.

Which type of girl would you like to associate yourself with? This is totally your choice as your parent’s won’t be there to guide you or make decisions for you. Also, be careful of bad friends advice. Don’t even make one at all, why should you?

Because of this we have put together the type of girls you should avoid in the university to help you.

Girls You Should Avoid In School

In this article I will give a list of only five types of girls you should avoid in school for now if you want to make money and make your papers. We would update more of them soonest.

If you can quietly note down the points listed below and try to look out for such girls to confirm if they exist, do not be surprised to find out that a good number of them are in existence.

Having said this, let’s go ahead and hit the nail on the head.

Girls You Should Avoid In School
Girls You Should Avoid In School

1. Girls That Overspend On Fashion

This type of girls are also of two types. The ones that spends their money and the ones that spends your money. If she is the type that spends her money, then no much problem but if every penny she uses for her extravagant fashion lifestyle comes from your pocket, then there is problem.

It is either you spend all the money you saved or you over work yourself to satisfy her. It sounds like a comedy line but it’s real, they are among the types of girls you should avoid in school.


2. The Deceptive Planners

This type of girls has plans but are deceptive just like the tag I gave them. They are those type of girls that are always at the top of the class when results are out while their so-called friends make merry with Ds and Fs.
This type of girls has plans yet deceive other with their lifestyle. Avoid them.


3. The Planless Ones

This category of girls are just the worst type of girls. They are easily brainwashed and deceived.

They have no plan in life and live like they will be young till the end of time. Most of them end up worthless beings because a saying goes “(s)he who fails to plan, plans to fail.” They are in most cases a total failure. Avoid them.

4. The Proud and Arrogant Ones

This type of girls are not always worthless but they brag about their worth and pride themselves around. They are those type of girls that will always like to carry a placard displaying any little achievement they have ever made in life and boosting that they are the best yet there are some silent ones who have achieved more than ten times what they think they have achieved.

Also avoid them unless you can cope.

5. The Seductive Ones

I need not to say much on this because more than fifty percent of girls in existence may fall into this category, though I don’t have a certified report on this estimate.

Delilah of the bible rendered a great man to almost a worthless being by seduction and the Delilahs of our modern day are still at work, rendering great people worthless. If you fall into their trap then you are on a one-way traffic, just keep going because turning back maybe risky. Just avoid this category of girls completely if you want to make it in life.

Their attention is in your pocket and your ATM card. The really are among the types of girls you should avoid in school if you want to succeed financially and otherwise.

Girls are pretty nice anyway, the beauty of the world of men but…

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  1. That’s really true, girls of our days almost possess all the types you listed above… I should be more careful with girls…

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